Below are some of the websites and blogs that I have found useful or interesting as a
student athlete. Also included are some of the blogs I like to read in my free time.


This is the official site of the National Collegiate Athletic Association. This is the governing body for college sports so this is a must know resource for Division-1 Athletes.

Also known as the World Wide leader in sports, ESPN is great for following scores and stats of college Sports.

Building a Better Athlete

bba-logo2.pngBuilding a Better Athlete is a personal wellness blog for athletes. As it says in the title, the blog posts are geared towards the different ways athletes can improve their bodies through lifestyle, diet and fitness. These are the elements that help athletes get a step on their opponent, definitely worth looking at.

Bleacher Report

Bleacher Report is one of my go to website for sports news. It is similar to ESPN as it imgres.pngcovers pretty much every popular athlete and league in the world but the writers have the freedom to say pretty much what ever they want. Every now and then Bleacher Report is the first to report on big stories in sports.

Barstool Sportsimgres-1.png

Probably my favorite blog out there (not including this one of course.) Barstool sports is a mens sports and lifestyle blog with a satirical element geared toward college aged males. Viva la Stool!

The Players Tribune

The Players’ Tribune was started by Derek Jeter following his imgres-2.pngretirement from baseball. The articles on the site are actual first-hand stories written by professional athletes from all sports. Hearing these personal stories gives the reader a unique perspective on what these athletes have been through and what some of their experiences are like.

Get it Done Consulting Blog

Get It Done was started Chris Buck, one of my high school lacrosse coaches. Chris is a certified sports psychologist. I have continued to work with him on improving the mental aspect of my game for the last seven or so years. His blog features articles on  sports psychology and playing lacrosse goalie. If you aren’t familiar with sports psychology it is definitely worth a look.

Feel free to add any blogs that you enjoy reading or think other student athletes may enjoy into the comments section

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