Interview with Associate Head Athletic Trainer: Phil VandeBerg

As I have discussed in a previous post, your athletic trainer is a very important resource to use through out your career. In high school, there is a good chance the only time you would see a trainer was for an injury. This changes completely at the college level as spending time in the training room will help you keep your body healthy and  at the top of your game.

Injuries are pretty common in college sports. We are definitely fortunate to have such skilled and dedicated trainers. Without mine, I may have been sidelined the last 3 years. When I arrived at Drexel, I had a herniated disc in my back and had to have surgery the day after Thanksgiving during my sophomore year. While this injury had me wondering if I would ever play again, my trainer Phil helped me along the way scheduling doctor appointments, x-rays, MRI’s as well as helping me rehab after the surgery. With his help and some hard work on my end, I started my first collegiate game March 3rd, basically three months after back surgery. With all the time I spent getting treatment before and after practice, Phil has become someone I will consider a friend for the rest of my life so it wouldn’t be right if I didn’t take the time right now to say thank you, Phil!

Phil Vandeberg In action vs. UVA 2016 (Photo Credit Sideline photos & Mike Tuberosa)

In addition to helping me get through the last three years on the field, Phil took the time to sit down with me recently to help share some advice for incoming and current student athletes. The training room should be a second home for college athletes and Phil helps explain some of the ways that you can use it to stay on top of your game and not just when you are suffering from an injury. Check out the interview below to learn some ways you can get an edge on your opponent and keep yourself healthy.


I am incredibly fortunate to have had Phil as a trainer during my college career. I really would not have been able to grind it out with out him. If you have questions about how to physically prepare yourself or just general tuff about the training room ask them in the comment section below and I will try to answer them or direct them to Phil. 

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