Interview with Nick Gannon: Drexel University Deputy Director of Athletics

I had the chance to sit down with one of the most important staff members at Drexel University, the Deputy Director of Athletics, Nick Gannon. At a Division-I School like Drexel, the Athletic Director oversees all of the sports teams. Nick was a lacrosse goalie at the University of Virginia, because we both lefty lacrosse goalies, I have developed a pretty good relationship with him during my time at Drexel. While you may not have that many interactions with your athletic director, you should make sure you go out of your way to introduce yourself to your AD. As I have mentioned in previous posts, student athletes have a ton of people that are committed to making their experience great. No matter what the This is definitely someone that you want in your corner and making a good first impression will only help you during your career.

Nick Gannon Feature Image pic
Drexel University Deputy Director of Athletics Nick Gannon pacing the sideline during a DU basketball game.              (Photo Credit – Mike Tuberosa & Sideline Photos)

In my interview with Mr. Gannon, he talks about his background in athletics as he has worked at both the collegiate and professional level. I had no idea about this but prior to arriving at Drexel, Mr. Gannon worked down the road for the Philadelphia Eagles. While his position involves oversight of the program as a whole from the athletic staff to the coaches as well as students, he is very involved all of the teams at Drexel. I think what you will find most useful in this interview is how Mr. Gannon provides  insight on what kind of student-athletes he wants in his program, what is expected at the Division-I level and the standard that he holds his student athletes too. If you are serious about making it to the D-I level, or want to better yourself as a student athlete, than this is a must watch video for you. It is not everyday you get to hear a guy that has worked and played with some of the best athletes in the world basically hand you his ‘keys for success’.

Video Created by Jimmy Joe Granito

I hope you enjoyed tuning in and hearing what Deputy Athletic Director Nick Gannon had to say. If you had the chance to interview the athletic director of a Division-I program, what would you ask? Please use the comment section to provide feedback or questions you would like answered and I will do my best to follow up with him. Stay tuned as there will be more interviews with members of the Drexel University athletic department in the near future.

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