Sitting Down With Coach Boyle – Drexel Assistant Men’s Lax Coach

I recently interviewed Steve Boyle, the assistant coach/offensive coordinator of my lacrosse team at Drexel. Because I am a goalie, my actual on the field interactions with Coach Boyle are limited as he only works with the offense. With that, he has been both a mentor and role-model for me over my last three years at Drexel and I have been very lucky to have him as a coach.

Coach Boyle Blog post pic 2Steve Boyle during the 2017 season opener vs University of Virginia
(Photo Credit & Permission: Sideline Photo & Mike Tuberosa)

To give you a little background, Coach Boyle graduated from Johns Hopkins University in 2010 and was a three-time All American during his four year career. In addition to his personal accolades, the teams he played for competed in the NCAA tournament each of his four years, and he played in two national championship games. During his freshman year his team went on to win the national championship and the following year lost to Syracuse. After graduating from Hopkins, he was selected 10th overall in the Major League Lacrosse Draft and went on to play until 2015.

The level of experience that Coach Boyle brings to the table is really impressive and there are not many players that have had so much success. He has excelled at all levels of his sport and is one of the most passionate coaches I have ever had. In my interview with Coach Boyle, some of the things discussed include his experience as a student athlete, the demands and expectations of being a Division-I student athlete, what coaches look for in recruits and general advice for success at this level. As a competitive athlete you can always take advice from guys that have already been there and done that, so check out the video below and try to apply what he says.

If you are pressed for time, start at the 4:50 mark to skip past the introduction/background section of the interview.
Video created by Jimmy Joe Granito

Feel free to sound off in the comments section with any thoughts on Coach Boyles experiences and his advice. If you have any questions of your own for coach Boyle post them below and I will do my best to have him answer them. I plan on doing at least 3 more video interviews, but am hoping to do more than that so check back to see who’s next.

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