Interview with Jamie Lindsay: Drexel University Assistant AD for Compliance

You have probably seen internet headlines about a high profile D-I athlete under investigation for violating NCAA rules. If you are an incoming student athlete, you will learn pretty quickly that –
1. the NCAA has a ton of rules in place and;
2. they don’t care who you are; if rules are broken, you will be punished.

Think I’m being a little dramatic? A couple months ago, five members of the University of Richmond were suspended for participating in a fantasy football league. You can read more about the incident which was covered by USA Today (and many others) here. This goes to show how careful D-I athletes have to be with what they are doing in their free time. While I don’t necessarily agree with some of the rules, they are still there and must be followed.

As a Division-I student athlete, it is your responsibility to stay eligible. Chances are your coaches and school have made an investment in you by offering you either a scholarship or roster spot and you are expected to follow the rules in place. Keep in mind that in addition to NCAA rules, your school, athletic department and conference may also have its own rules in place. Unfortunately, saying you are not aware of a rule will not qualify as a defense.

Getting to know the Compliance Department
So how can you educate yourself on these rules? One of the resources every Division-I program has available for their student athletes is its compliance department. Not sure what the compliance department does? Look no further. I sat down with Jamie Lindsay, my Assistant Athletic Director for Compliance at Drexel University and asked her to talk about what she does and how students can utilize her as a resource. In addition to this, Jamie also gives some advice to student athletes in order to stay eligible. Check out the video below to see my interview with Jamie.

Additional Information

You can click here for the link to the compliance section on the NCAA website. Additionally, if you go to the compliance section on your schools athletic website, they will most likely include a rule guide or handbook highlighting the rules in place that student athletes are expected to follow along with resources for student athletes.

Use the comments section below to ask about any rules you are curious about. We can all help each other by asking questions as others may be wondering the same thing. No one wants to face, or see a teammate face the penalties in place for violating an NCAA rule.

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