Your Chances of Making it to the Big Leagues: Why Education Matters

Pretty much every D-I athlete dreams of play professionally.  Not only does it show that you are one of the best players in the world for your sport, but in most cases you’re a celebrity. With that, your chances of getting drafted are pretty slim. Even if you do get drafted, locking down a roster spot is also extremely challenging. The infographic below shows some of the figures explaining just how hard it really is to play professional sports.

So what are your Chances of going Pro- (3).png
Created with Canva by Jimmy Joe Granito, (Info found at

While your chances of playing professionally aren’t very high, it’s not to say that you aren’t capable of doing it. If pursuing a professional career is your dream, work your butt off and you may be able to. Look at a guy like Tom Brady who was picked up late in the draft and wasn’t sure if he would even play football after college. Don’t believe it? Below is an Instagram he posted three years ago of the resumé he would have used if his football plans fell through.

Photo from Tom Brady Instagram

This goes to show how hard work can really pay off as Brady will be remembered as one of the best QB’s to ever play the game. And even if you don’t get drafted you still have a shot at getting invited to a teams training camp or earn a spot on the practice roster. With that, whatever it is you want to do when your college career ends, do well in school and graduate so you have a degree to fall back on. You don’t want to be sitting there when it’s all over realizing your not going to go pro and you don’t have the resumé to get a job.

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