3 Reasons Why Being a Division-I Athlete is Awesome

Being a division-I student athlete is a really cool experience. While I often find myself talking about the things I can’t stand, I decided to put together a list that captures the things that I love and will really miss next year. So here are my top three reasons why being a D-I athlete is awesome:

1. Teammates

A big part of being a division-I athlete is the time commitment. We
spend countless hours at  –

  • Practice
  • Lifting sessions
  • Film sessions
  • Study hall
  • Bus trips to games
  • Nights at hotels for away games
  • Saturday nights partying..

It definitely adds up with all of this stuff. But during these long hours you develop a relationship with your team that is unparalleled to anything I have ever experienced. You learn everything about them. What makes this bond even more special is that these guys (or girls) are right there with you going through these highs and lows together. They are the ones that pick you up when you are down, and help you push through when times are tough. It is also pretty awesome to arrive on campus as a freshman and have 40-plus friends that will have your back right from the jump. While I have played at two schools and with some guys for only one year, I still keep in touch with them and no that if I ever needed anything they would be there for me in a heartbeat.

Senior Day Picture with my parents, fellow seniors and their parents and Coach Voelker. (Photo Credit- Mike Tuberosa and Sideline Photos)

2. The Swag

I still remember the feeling of walking into the locker room for the first time as a freshman to see my locker overflowing with gear and apparel. Many of the older guys referred to it as “Laxmas” (lacrosse+Christmas) and It actually did bring back the feelings from Christmas morning when I was younger.

Most teams at the Division-1 levels are fully sponsored by companies like Nike, Under Armor and Adidas. They always provide us with the gear we need to ‘look good, feel good, play good.’ It’s also nice to finally not have to drop crazy amounts of money on gear and apparel, and instead just have it handed to you! Not to mention, it feels pretty sweet getting to walk around campus with your team gear on after a big win the night before.

I went through my bed room and put together all of the apparel and gear I have lying around that I have received over the last three years. The video below shows all of this stuff laid out on my bed. To be completely honest, I had no idea I even had this much stuff. We are very fortunate to get all of this stuff. I like to use this kind of stuff as motivation to work harder as I knew the athletic department was fully invested in my teammates and I.

(Music Cred – NFL Theme Song (Straavy Bootleg Remix))

3. Game Day

This is why athletes put themselves through the long hours, the practices, shortened summer vacations, etc.. It’s what it’s all about! We train until we can’t move anymore, make sacrifices, all so we get the chance to go out there on tear it up on game day. I have yet to find anything comparable to the thrill of playing in a college lacrosse game. If you can’t get amped up for game day, then being a Student Athlete probably isn’t for you.

My Teammates and I taking the field Vs Towson this year. (Photo Credit- Mike Tuberosa and Sideline Photos)

So when you find yourself struggling through those cold, early morning conditioning sessions, or can barely keep your eyes open as you sit there on Sunday night trying to get your study hall hours in, just know that this is the reason that we do it. There is no better feeling than scoring a goal on a sunny Saturday afternoon and hearing thousands of people go crazy screaming your name. If you can’t get amped up for game day, then being a Student Athlete probably isn’t for you.

The only other thing that comes close to beating playing in the game, is getting that huge win and celebrating with your team afterwards.

What do you think?

These are my top three but if I really sat down and thought about it, I could probably put together a list of 20+ plus things I love about being a student athlete (so be on the lookout for more posts like this). I really enjoy hearing about what other student athletes enjoy most about their experience. What are some of the reasons you think make being a Division-1 athlete awesome? Sound off in the comments section and let me know.

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